Our History


MSP opened its doors in 1953, beginning in the home of the founders Richard E. Busheé, Jr. and his father,

Richard E. Busheé, Sr. MSP is a full-service direct mail marketing company, offering a broad range of services to its clients. These services include printing, mailing, and web-based marketing portals. From its humble beginnings, MSP has grown to become one of the most respected privately owned direct mail facilities in the country. Originally named Mailing Services of Pittsburgh, the company is known today as MSP (the clients seem to always use the acronym, so the name was changed). MSP has transformed from operating from a basement to a production powerhouse over the years. The company now occupies a 160,000 square foot building outside of Pittsburgh.


Richard E. Busheé III


Doug Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Teboul

Executive Vice President MSP & BlueSky ETO



Sales Associates

Lisa Kindle


Kirstan Tervo



MSP currently serves a wide range of businesses and markets.

• Ad Agencies

• Associations

• Automotive

• Casinos

• Channel Marketers

• Educational

• Financial

• Franchising

• Health & Fitness

• Healthcare

• Hospitality

• Insurance

• Mortgage

• Non-Profit Fundraising

• Print Brokers

• Publishers

• Real Estate

• Retail

• Software Developers

• Telecom

• Travel/Entertainment

Awards & Case Studies


At MSP, we are proud to have provided solutions worthy of award-winning case studies. The studies outline the challenges faced by each marketer, the unique solution we developed for the client, and the results they have enjoyed. Reading these case studies will give you an insight into how we work with our clients to help them solve marketing problems, and the difference MSP has made in their efforts.


Our Green Policy


At MSP, we are committed to a long-term sustainable approach to fostering the environment. Specifically, this sustainability means we constantly endeavor to balance environmental considerations and social responsibility with our business goals. Our Green Policy and Initiative is a work in progress, consistently evolving, and includes a focus on raising employee and business partner awareness of green thinking and activities. It is our belief that over the long run, a sustainable approach will benefit consumers, customers, associates and communities we serve by both meeting our business goals and protecting and improving the quality of the environment in which we all live.