The Future of Personalized Mail

Capture your customers’ attention with unique, personalized mail. Our advanced software, variable data printing capabilities, and digital handwriting options create highly targeted campaigns. Are you ready to raise your engagement rates?

Improve Response Rates Through Personalized Mail Marketing

Personalized mail delivers results. Variable data printing provides an abundance of possibilities for personalizing your direct mail campaigns, regardless of size. With your creativity and our innovative technology, you can capture a consumer’s attention and watch your response rates rise.

Drive Purchases

86% of shoppers say that personalized marketing impacts their likelihood of making a purchase. The more relevant the message, the better the response.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

94% of marketing professionals say personalization is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting current marketing objectives.
personalized mail

Direct Mail as Unique as Each Recipient

Use customizable marketing templates to create multiple variations of your direct mail campaign and leverage your contact data to organize targeted lists. Then, utilize multiple personalization tokens, layouts, and formats to create collateral that is unique to each recipient.

Diverse Campaigns

Send different variations of the same campaign to selected demographics or each unique recipient.

Relevant Marketing

Your customers will find your content valuable and relevant when it’s targeted to their specific interests.

Personalization with Variable Data Printing

Color variable data printing allows you to personalize the text, graphics, and images from one printed piece to the next without interrupting the printing process. Personalization doesn’t stop with letters—envelopes can also be personalized in full variable color.

Leverage Data

Leverage your contact data to organize targeted lists around your verticals and marketing personas.

Endless Customization

There’s no limit to the customization. Create hundreds or thousands of variations of a mailing piece. Customize short runs or campaigns with up to tens of millions of printed pieces!

Automated Integration

Our automated marketing tools help to deliver your messaging—triggered by user actions.

Higher Open Rates

Variable data printing gives your direct mail open rates a boost by personalizing your message to each recipient.

Increased ROI

Customize your direct mail campaigns with personal data to increase the response rate, and boost the ROI.

Quick Turnaround

Don’t delay your direct mail campaign. Enjoy the benefits of personalization without sacrificing time.

"MSP has flawlessly executed all of our Direct Mail Campaigns. I have never experienced a campaign that did not have one major problem until I started working with MSP."

– A leading automotive publisher