MSP’s Commitment to Quality


Quality assurance is paramount during every step of the project at MSP.  A dedicated QC staff, led by our Director of Quality Assurance, monitors the project from the initial review of data and art through programming, printing and mailing, spot-checking and noting ideas for continual process improvement. Using concepts of several quality control and TQM methodologies, MSP ensures quality compliance and adheres to control measures on an ongoing basis. Staff reviews the output from each step and documents the checks, to provide a complete audit trail for each job. Individual Standard Operating Procedures are developed for each client, to ensure all personnel operate consistently to achieve flawless execution of client projects.


For continuous improvement, MSP has designed a company-wide, network-based, electronic data collection tool called the Quality Process & Job Difficulty Reporting (JDR) System. The JDR System is used to record, respond to and resolve any quality or production issues that may be observed in existing processes, benchmarks, procedures and policies. The JDR system provides a means of filtering, analyzing and disseminating quality related information for evaluation, correction and possible revision. It’s an instantaneous communication vehicle, channeling process, procedure and manufacturing information and financial implications.

Information Security and Regulatory Compliance


Information is a key business asset; appropriate protection of our clients’ information is vital to our future success. Our ability to continue to grow, globalize and execute complex projects is directly correlated to our ability to create, process, and distribute information to our clients and to those who require the data. MSP ensures this information maintains the appropriate level of confidentiality and security. This “information management challenge” is one of the most complex issues facing the direct marketing industry. MSP meets this challenge head-on with investment in innovative solutions and an enterprise-wide MIS-ERP system. Protection of our sophisticated document management systems is paramount. As the company’s information processing and distribution capability grows to support expanding operations, so too does dependency on that information and on the systems and techniques used to provide it.


Consequently, MSP has adopted a rigorous approach to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and protection of its clients’ information. MSP management is fully supportive of its Information Security Program, which is designed to develop, promote and enforce the safety of MSP’s information assets and those of its clients.


In addition to providing information security, MSP stays compliant with state and federal legislation surrounding direct marketing in regulated sectors. MSP fully complies with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act of 2002, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 2.0 (HIPAA), the CAN-SPAM Act, the federal Children’s Privacy Protection Act, the California Privacy Protection Act, and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Privacy Promise. The data included in our files do not include sensitive information such as medical records, social security numbers, credit card numbers or credit history.


MSP also follows a number of best practices that can help mitigate and reduce the associated regulatory risks, including SOC2-compliant internal and external audits and the USPS Mail Preparation Total Quality Management program.