FREEDOM, Pa. (PRWEB) April 11, 2019

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MSP, a full-service direct mail production and marketing company, has announced their purchase of the assets of the David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation. The purchase includes the acquisition of the Corporation’s full-service lettershop facility located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.


Founded in 1949 by Gordon Thompson, the David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation began as a small family business in much the same way as MSP. As decades passed and the businesses grew, each strove for a culture rooted in family and focused on its people. When David Thompson discussed plans to retire, MSP saw an opportunity to continue his legacy while supporting their own growing list of clients.


“The David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation has been a valuable partner with MSP for many years,” says Richard E. Busheé III, President of MSP. “We share a similar history and a similar culture. It made sense to continue our relationship and place David’s legacy in good hands.”


press release quoteThe companies will come together and continue under the name of MSP. MSP will benefit from the most valuable asset of the David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation, its experienced and dedicated employees. MSP will also gain an additional lettershop production facility. This facility will offer even greater mail volume capabilities to MSP’s growing list of clients. It will also provide those clients with the added sense of security that comes from knowing a secondary facility exists for disaster recovery if needed.


Rich Busheé and company look forward to expanding the MSP family. David Thompson will continue to be an active leader in the organization, assuring continuity and consistency throughout the process.


“Retirement wasn’t an easy choice,” says Thompson. “I wanted to make sure the company my father founded would continue with the strong reputation my family worked for generations to build. This transition makes that possible.”


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About MSP


MSP is a full-service direct mail marketing company, offering a broad range of services to its clients. These services include printing, mailing, and web-based marketing portals. MSP opened its doors in 1953, beginning in the home of the founders Richard E. Busheé, Jr. and his father, Richard E. Busheé, Sr. Over the years, MSP transformed from operating in a family basement to a production powerhouse.


About the David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation


David J. Thompson Mailing Corporation was originally founded in 1949 by Gordon Thompson as the Star Letter Press. It served the New York Metropolitan area for 43 years until relocating to Bloomsburg, PA in 1992 where it remains to this day, offering production management, laser personalization, lettershop capabilities, on-site warehouse services, and on-site drop-ship services.