Direct Marketing Automation Systems

Direct mailings receive five times as much engagement when they’re triggered by a recipient’s own actions. Leverage user data with your next direct mail campaign to reach the right customers at the right time with the right message. Our direct marketing automation systems make it possible.

Effective Direct Marketing Automation Systems

MSP houses the latest in direct mail automation technology to provide you with the tools you need for a successful marketing campaign, no matter the size. Automated data processing reduces cycle time and improves your speed to market while complementing your other digital marketing efforts.

Highly Relevant Marketing

1:1 Marketing uses relevant personalization with images and text to produce a highly targeted message to a specific audience.

Improved Direct Mail ROI

Personalize your direct mail campaign with variable data printing and watch the increased return on investment.

Put Your Recipients in the Driver’s Seat

Give your recipients the power to respond in a way that’s most convenient for them with a multi channel approach. A direct mail piece with multiple response options allows them to choose how they want to interact with your campaign.

Design Custom Workflows

Nurture leads and build relationships with customers by creating workflows as unique as they are.

Gain Engagement Insights

Analyze engagement to identify opportunities and learn more about what excites your customers.

Marketing Automation Features

Administer repeatable, consistent campaigns using a pre-determined combination of
templates, creative assets, business rules, and reporting/analytics.

Detailed Targeting

Smart marketing requires less effort. Create customized materials for each audience with marketing automation.

Scalable Systems

As your business grows, you can scale direct mail, digital mail, and social media campaigns.

Custom Marketing Templates

Customizable marketing templates give control to end users while still keeping the brand consistent.

Cross-Media Marketing

A variety of print and digital communications can be streamlined and delivered through automation.

CRM Integration

Our infrastructure is built to ensure clean data input and clear, measurable results for every campaign.

Detailed Reporting and Tracking

Create accurate, detailed reports with precise insights of production, delivery, response rates, and more.

Nurture Customer Relationships

Through Automation

Personalized communications produced with intelligent business rules, automated templates,
and variable data generally receive higher response rates than those that don’t.

Lapsed Donors

Craft an automatic message specifically for your supporters whose giving habits have lapsed.

Subscription Renewals

When it comes time to renew, your customers receive an automatic invitation to subscribe again.

Loyalty Programs

When a customer reaches a certain level, reward them with a gift that shows you appreciate their support.

Events and Appointments

Automatically alert customers with a pre-determined message when they have an upcoming appointment.

Personal Buying Habits

Based on previous purchases, a customer can automatically receive recommendations to try new items.

Digital Engagement

Automatically send emails to customers based on pre-defined triggers, activity, or other criteria.

"Of the three mail houses we use, we have the highest volume with MSP. That speaks volumes of the high level of trust we feel with them."

– A nationally known non-profit company