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Hospitality businesses are ever-changing. From food and beverage to travel, tourism, lodging, and recreation functions, this multi-billion-dollar industry is in constant flux. To survive, brands need to adapt and develop creative hospitality in marketing strategies. One method that’s sure to help boost revenue and keep consumers engaged is large format printing.


Hospitality in Marketing: Boost Your Business with Large Format Printing Services


When you’re marketing your hospitality business, large format printing helps in both traditional and non-traditional ways. For example, you not only need signage in and around your business, but you also need to think outside your marketing toolbox with a variety of other large format printing styles. Let’s examine some of the many possibilities. Here are 10 ways you can use large format printing services to help your hospitality business thrive.


1. Custom Window Clings Welcome and Inform


hospitality in marketingA popular hospitality industry saying is “people eat with their eyes.” Restaurant operators, in particular, have applied that phrase to their menus, restaurant décor, and open kitchens plans. But they also take it into account with their window displays. More than likely, if you have a hospitality brand, you have windows—windows that serve as a key ingredient to your success. That’s where customized window clings come into play.


According to Pizza Today, the primary goal of using windows as a marketing tool is “to establish a positive mental picture of your product or brand in the mind of the consumer.” The images you use should form a connection between your brand and the lifestyle and/or values of your customers. Here are a few tips from restauranteurs who have found success with window marketing:


  1. Make sure your windows and window clings are clean. White letters show up best (and represent cleanliness).
  2. Use short, descriptive words that personify the quality of your product and brand.
  3. Colorful displays attract consumers’ eyes and even activate their appetites.
  4. “The window is the eye to the customer.” (Fiorina Sunseri, The Original Giovanni’s Pizza, Pittsburgh, PA)
  5. Keep your windows uncluttered and be sure to look at them from a customer’s perspective (e.g. from across the street).


No matter what type of hospitality in marketing strategy you’re planning, look at custom window clings as part of your plan. You’ll boost consumer awareness, create brand familiarity, and influence customers’ buying decisions.


2. Giant Wall Murals Make a Bold Statement


When you want to showcase your hospitality business’s distinct personality, try an eye-catching wallpaper mural. These types of large format printing services can immediately set the tone for your physical space. Incorporate them into a lobby, behind a reception desk, or within a dining area to make a bold statement. Here are a couple of ideas you can blend into your brand’s sites.


Highlight Your Brand’s Top Products or Services


Take one of your most popular products or services and share it in a larger-than-life format. That’s what Charley’s Philly Steaks did when they created a wall that showcased one of their most popular menu items: a small Chicken Philly sandwich with Original Fries for $5.49. The mouthwatering mural took the guesswork away for new customers who didn’t know what to order. The promo pre-answered the popular question, “What’s good here?” Use your imagination and select images and/or information that helps customers make decisions and better relate to your brand.


restaurant mural hospitality marketingCapture the Heart of your Location


Show that your business is part of its community by incorporating a panoramic cityscape or image of a popular local landmark. This is a great way to localize your marketing strategy and embrace each of your distributed marketer’s neighborhoods. Individually, the local branch wins because they’re showcasing their surroundings. Collectively, the brand wins because it’s overall marketing efforts are powered through each individual location.


3. Large-Scale Posters and Custom Visuals Fit Your Spaces


large format printing servicesWhen you want large format printing but you don’t want to cover an entire wall, think about strategically located large-scale posters and custom visuals. You can accent your entrances, elevators, escalators, lobbies, waiting areas, and more with framed messaging and/or art that suits your brand’s unique style. Whether your goal is to provide information, instruction, or merely entertainment (or a combination of all three), it’s important to pick the size that fits your space. For example, the limited area in and around your elevators will require a much different plan than a large space with bare walls.


Here are a couple of other ways large format printing services can help your marketing efforts.


Point-of-Purchase Signage: A Versatile Option


As a hospitality business, you’re always looking to augment your income by selling “extras.” Depending upon your specific type of business, that could be anything from convenience grocery items to a full-blown souvenir shop loaded with branded merchandise. Restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe and Wahlburgers provide a “mini-store” of sorts where customers can pick up a souvenir t-shirt, mug, or another item on their way out. Many hotels offer a built-in snack and souvenir area so visitors can replace the toothbrush they forgot at home or grab a snack without leaving the building or ordering from room service.


Vinyl Banners Provide a Feeling of Community


Have you ever walked down a street in Anytown, USA, and admired the banners hanging from the light poles or attached to the sides of buildings? Chances are, they gave you a sense of belonging. The town or community had a unified feel to it. Consider your hospitality brand’s various walkways or high-traffic areas, both indoors and out. Vinyl banners are a great way to promote your business throughout your properties. You can beautify these areas with weather-proof banners to accent your property and consolidate your brand.


4. Floor Advertising Grabs Customers’ Attention


Dr. Joe King, a professor of psychology at Radford University, wrote an article entitled “The Psychology of the Floor.” In it, he noted that we are naturally programmed to pay attention to the ground beneath us. It’s an involuntary response known as “The Human Orienting Reflex.” Thus, the floor is likely a good place for placing advertising information. Think about it. When we look up, our attention is expanded. There’s more competition for our attention and we’re oftentimes overwhelmed by the amount of information in front of us. But when we look down, our attention is narrowed. We’re more inclined to pay attention.


Floor advertising serves to inform, educate, entertain, and direct your customers. Use it sparingly but strategically to ensure the best responses.


5. Airport Displays Speak to Traveling Consumers


large format printingAirport travelers are some of your likeliest customers. In fact, a Nielsen study confirmed that large format advertising at airports drives sales for both local and national brands. About 80% of airport travelers notice airport advertising, 42% take action on the ads they see, and almost 20% buy a product that’s advertised at the airport. So whether you’re promoting your in-airport restaurant or bar or you’re advertising a local eatery, attraction, or hotel, large format printing grabs the attention of travelers. Let’s look at some of the most popular placement options for your marketing messages.


  • Consider overhead banners, wall wraps, large format signs, printing towers, and more. When travelers are waiting for their flight—or they’re meandering about the walkways or escalators—it’s a prime opportunity for you to speak to their needs.
  • Shuttle buses and trains almost always feature a variety of large format advertising possibilities.
  • Baggage claim is a great place to promote your area business to travelers that are picking up their luggage and heading out the door.


Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits is a fast food restaurant brand with more than 750 U.S. locations. As part of their “Random Acts of Bo” hospitality in marketing campaign, they advertised at some of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport baggage claims. But they took it a step further by placing 180 prepared, boxed meals on luggage carousels with “Take Me” signs on them for travel-weary passengers. Needless to say, people were thrilled. Now that’s mastering brand awareness and surprising and delighting consumers at the same time. In the process, they likely created a slew of satisfied new customers.


6. Think Outside Your Property with Varied Outdoor Marketing


Research shows that over 70% of consumers look at large format advertising outdoors. That’s one of the main reasons it’s such a smart investment. Outdoor ads get noticed. U.S. outdoor advertising revenue has been on the rise since 2009. Consider the various ways you can promote your hospitality business at subway and/or train stations and bus stops, on billboards, street furniture, and more.


If you want to know how to use large format printing for your outdoor advertising, follow these tips:


  1. Keep it simple. Many people will only see your outdoor advertising in passing. They’re moving about from one place to another. Don’t include too much information or they’ll miss the message.
  2. Make them shareable. There’s no denying that print marketing works in a digital world. It’s called multichannel marketing. Make your outdoor ads so appealing people will want to take pictures and share them with their friends and followers. Also, provide a way they can immediately connect with you by including a QR code or website address.
  3. Select high traffic areas. You can have the most brilliant outdoor ad, but if nobody sees it, it’s wasted effort and money. Find high-traffic areas where people gather on a regular basis.


7. Construction Barricades Build Anticipation


If you’re just getting your hospitality business off the ground (or you’re opening a new location), don’t waste a golden opportunity to market what’s under construction. Rather than boarding up your business-to-be in a plain brown wrapper, so to speak, create excitement and/or intrigue with an attention-grabbing grand opening barricade. Large format advertising accomplishes this with building wraps, wall murals, oversized banners, and more.


8. Vehicle Wraps Provide Mobile Outdoor Advertising


outdoor advertisingMany hospitality industry businesses have cars, trucks, or vans they use as shuttles or delivery vehicles. It’s only sensible to take advantage of this obvious marketing opportunity by applying vehicle wraps. The statistics are overwhelmingly positive to take this step into mobile marketing. Almost 100% of in-car audiences surveyed said they noticed ads on vehicles. Depending upon how much and where you drive, individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. So wherever you drive for business, you’ll be promoting your brand at the same time.


9. Trade Show Materials Bring Any Display to Life


Trade shows are a great way for your hospitality business to meet and greet consumers and get your brand in front of industry eyes. Attending a trade show as an exhibitor could help you reach those buyers you’ve had trouble connecting with in the past. At the annual HD Expo in Las Vegas, almost 75% of hospitality industry attendees said that seeing a product there was “very influential” in their future buying decisions. Almost all trade shows went virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19, but if you plan to attend in 2021 when the expos likely return, you’ll need eye-catching marketing materials to stand out. A great way to boost your trade show presence is with vinyl banners and rollup displays that showcase the best of your brand’s offerings.


10. Retractable Banner Stands: Your Mobile Marketing Solution


Whether you’re at an aforementioned trade show or you simply want some large format printing that travels well, try a retractable banner stand. The benefits here are that you can quickly and easily put them anywhere you see fit, then roll them up for easy storage. Also, consider retractable banner stands that serve as media backdrops. You can use these when you host press conferences or other official brand outings like special events and photoshoots. They provide a professional look and promote brand recognition.


Hospitality in Marketing: MSP’s Large Format Printing Services Help You Wow Your Customers


Large format printing captures our attention everywhere. Custom window clings, wall murals, large scale posters, and floor advertising are just a few of the available options inside your hospitality business. Outside there’s a whole world of opportunity to deliver your brand’s message. The possibilities are almost endless.


At MSP, we understand the importance of hospitality in marketing. That’s why we invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology to print and die-cut just about any free-form shape or look you can imagine. You’re only limited by your imagination. Take your favorite design and apply it to a wide variety of popular substrates. Contact an MSP representative to talk about your hospitality marketing needs and how our large format printing services can help you reach your goals.

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