How much did you enjoy creating and delivering your last direct marketing campaign? While you may love the results, the process itself is likely less than delightful. Epic email chains of edits and approvals, learning and unlearning multiple digital tools, negotiating with printing and shipping companies—sometimes getting a simple message in front of the right customer takes weeks of frustrating work.


Many marketers accept the process because it’s familiar. They shrug and say “Rome wasn’t built in a day!,” but forget that almost 3,000 years have passed since it was. Today’s marketers have access to streamlining tools they couldn’t have imagined ten or even five years ago. Are you ready to stop working harder and start working smarter? You’ve come to the right place.


Quick-Trigger Tools for Your Next Direct Campaign


You can be the most creative, decisive, and skilled marketer in the world, but without the right streamlined tools, you’ll still crawl through your marketing process at a sluggish pace. Right now, the number of tools you use is likely slowing you down. It’s a common problem.

direct marketing campaign


As a business grows and strategies evolve, marketers often add tools as each need arises. They rely on a separate system or tool for accomplishing each link in the marketing chain. These tools all operate differently, and moving from one step to the next requires emails, phone calls, conversion of files and more—each of which just wastes more time.


There’s a simpler solution, and it begins with the right brand marketing center. Brand marketing centers can replace a handful of outdated, expensive tools and make the marketing process much simpler. With customizable templates, designing marketing materials is easy. With secure brand asset management added to the platform, you can store, edit and utilize branded graphics, corporate logos and brand-compliant fonts and colors all at the touch of a button.


Forget about playing email tag with every marketing head and executive in your company. Forget waiting for weeks to get approval for each design. With the right brand marketing solutionsbrand image compliance easy. That means fewer edits, less time wasted on revisions, and a direct marketing campaign that moves from brainstorm to delivery faster than ever before.


The Challenges of Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns


survey conducted by Econsultancy and Adobe found that only 14% of organizations are currently running coordinated marketing campaigns across all channels.


That means they’re using direct mailing services to promote one creative direct marketing campaign while social media channels, email marketing and print ads all use unique solutions. This scattered approach doesn’t just waste marketing collateral—it wastes an opportunity to gather game-changing data. One campaign may bring in only three leads on social media but could score ten times the results through a direct campaign. Without multi-channel marketing coordination, you’ll never know.


So why do so many companies run separate marketing campaigns through email and direct campaign mail? Here are a few of the reasons:


direct campaign

Bad communication between departments. Different teams within a corporation can’t work towards the same goal if their lines of communication aren’t open.


Integration is an issue. If you use one tool to create digital ads and work with a separate mailing house to design and print all of your direct marketing campaign, creating a seamless campaign isn’t easy.


Lack of time and resources. Many marketing campaigns are time-sensitive. If sending an e-blast takes a few days and mailing brochures takes a few weeks, often the medium with the slower turnaround gets left in the dust.


Outdated printing capabilities. It’s hard to transfer something like a video-based digital marketing campaign into print form, but it is possible to create creative direct marketing campaigns like these with the right printing technology and expertise. Those without these tools often don’t even think a multi-channel campaign is an option.


Many marketing executives don’t realize that the right brand management software and direct mail marketing company can resolve all of these issues. Their loss is your gain! With powerful marketing compliance software from BlueSky ETO coupled with MSP’s printing capabilities, you’ve got the ability to create more effective omnichannel marketing campaigns in far less time.



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Creative Direct Marketing Campaigns Made Easy


Do you want to make your next direct marketing campaign simple and stress-free? Here’s how we can help:


A Mailing House That’s Evolved with the Times. MSP began providing mailing services in Pittsburgh in 1953. As technology and direct marketing campaign strategies changed, so did MSP. Today, MSP is a full-service direct mail marketing company, offering a broad range of services including printing, mailing, and web-based marketing portals.


Case Studies That Speak for Themselves. MSP has produced as many as 250,000 custom Hallmark cards in a single day. By working with MSP, Gannett reported time needed to manage weekly mailings fell by 80%, and monthly administrative time decreased from 40 hours to 8. To see what we’ve achieved for DoubleTree by Hilton, GNC, and more, check out our awards and case studies.


Direct Mail That Stands Out From the Crowd. For a direct campaign to have a high ROI, it first needs to escape the “junk pile” and excite recipients. MSP’s vast array of equipment and capabilities gives clients the ability to choose the perfect format and style for each project. From postcards to packets, personalized label sheets, and even affixers for decals, clean release cards, plastic cards, and coins, MSP helps direct mail stand out.


Low Postage Rates and Fast Shipping. With an on-site USPS verification office, direct trucks and consolidated mail, mailing services at MSP run like a well-oiled machine. The result? A direct marketing campaign that ships and arrives quickly at a fraction of the cost.


Direct Mail as Personalized for Each Recipient. With Continuous Color Inkjet, OCÉ Continuous Form Laser Printers, HP Indigo Digital Presses and more, personalization isn’t just easy — it’s fast! Why communicate the same message to 10,000 recipients, when you can send 10,000 individually unique messages instead? Building relationships with customers, clients, members, and donors has never been more simple!


creative direct marketing campaignsTrackable Multi-Channel Marketing. Did anyone who received your direct mail campaign actually visit your website? Without the right tools, you can’t always be sure. Using a campaign-unique URL and the recipient’s name, MSP and BlueSky ETO can send each customer to a personalized landing page. When they answer questions about their buying habits, MSP provides real-time response metrics that can be monitored, tracked, and analyzed.


Expert Automated Marketing. With automated marketing campaigns from BlueSky ETO, communications can be streamlined and distributed via print ads, point of sale displays, email marketing, SMS, and even social channels. BlueSky ETO integration allows MSP to reduce your direct marketing campaign management time by up to 80% while keeping marketing collateral and branding consistency strong across all channels.


You’d be amazed at what’s possible when you have the right tools, the right technology, and the right team. Have you been spending time and money on sluggish campaigns and outdated tech? As Mason Cooley once said, “Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.” Stop wasting and start producing.

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