Products and Services

MSP offers efficient direct mail solutions for your brand’s needs. Learn more about how our experience and capabilities can bring your ideas to life.

Direct Mail Production

Trust your direct mail production to a company that’s been producing quality printed collateral for over 65 years. Whether you want to grow your customer base, engage B2B clients, or raise donations for your nonprofit, MSP can tailor a solution around your unique challenges and goals. Stand out from the crowd with direct mail that demands attention.

Direct Mail Management Systems

Streamline the direct mail process while gaining greater insight into your campaigns. With our Direct Mail Panorama program, you’ll have more control and a better understanding of your direct mail marketing campaigns than ever before.

Personalized Mail

Increase open and response rates with direct mail solutions personalized for each unique recipient. With custom software, color variable data printing, and digital handwriting, it’s easy to make a big impression and build relationships with every member of your mailing list.

Automated Marketing

Looking for ways to expand your reach without doubling your workforce? Automated marketing is the answer. Deliver targeted, repeatable campaigns driven by the actions of recipients. MSP’s marketing automation solutions can integrate your digital and direct mail campaigns to help you nurture leads and grow profits.

Bridging the Digital Divide

With Informed Delivery® and features like QR code integration and PURLs, MSP makes it easier than ever to integrate your digital marketing with your direct mail campaigns. Make a positive impression at every touch point, strengthen your brand image, and expand your reach with campaigns that are truly omnichannel.

Direct Mail Solutions – The MSP Difference

Why have so many national brands trusted MSP with their direct mail production?

It’s not just what we deliver, but how we deliver it, that sets us apart.

Improved Delivery Times

Speed up your time to market with our efficient process and USPS partnership. Reach recipients before your competitors to improve your response rates and ROI.

Highly Targeted Campaigns

Develop highly targeted marketing materials with variable data printing, trigger-based automated marketing, and digital handwriting technology.


Dedicated Client Support

Each MSP client is connected with a dedicated support member to ensure satisfaction from inception to delivery. MSP focuses on building relationships, not just profits.

In-Depth Tracking

Detailed reporting and tracking capabilities make direct mail management more transparent than ever before.

A Legacy Built on Experience

With over 65 years experience, MSP is the trusted print partner of major national brands. We’ll put our experience to work for you.

Quality Control Checks

Our detailed system of quality control checks limits waste and ensures the delivery of accurate, stunning marketing pieces.

“With other mail houses, I always felt that I had to triple-check everything. I trust MSP 100% with my campaigns. They have never let anything slip through the cracks.”

– A leading automotive publisher