Direct Mail Services

From inception to delivery, MSP provides direct mail services that make a big impression. Streamline your mailing process, deliver more engaging marketing campaigns, and reap the benefits of our experience and advanced technology.

Direct Mail Services Facility

For maximum efficiency, MSP operates under a 160,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art direct mail services facility. We have a large selection of production equipment to meet our clients’ needs, so our team of professionals are capable of producing millions of direct mailing pieces every day.

Evolving Technologies

As technologies evolve, so do we. Our innovative equipment and data processing capabilities ensure high-quality printed marketing collateral.

In-House Mailing Center

MSP has talented staff who are experts in all phases of postal regulations and logistics in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.
direct mail services
direct mail services

High-Volume Direct Mail Services

MSP can handle your direct mail efforts regardless of the size. Whether you have 1,000 pieces or 10,000,000 (or more), we can find the best solution for your campaign. MSP can also help you achieve deep postal discounts through commingling, co-palletization, and other current USPS mailing incentives.

24-Hour Production

MSP provides direct mail services around the clock with staff working 24/7 to coordinate on all the materials involved in your direct mail project.

Print Capabilities

Our in-house print division includes web offset, continuous inkjet, envelope, and digital color presses.

Postal Logistics

We analyze your mail files in order to handle your direct mail campaign in the most efficient way possible with consolidated mail, co-palletization handling, and commingling.


On-Site USPS Verification

Our direct mail services are built for speed to market. We get your direct mail moving quickly by verifying important mailing data in house.

Direct Truck Delivery

Skip the extra trip to the postal sorting center and get your mail in the hands of recipients faster. Speed up time to market and beat your competitors to the mailbox!

Postal Optimization

Don’t spend more for quality direct mail services. We run a postage/freight feasibility report to get the lowest rates while meeting date requirements.

Variable Data Printing

This form of digital print production allows for mass customization in color. Text, graphics, and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without slowing down printing production or delivery of marketing campaigns.

Efficient Production Times

Our production team works around the clock to get your direct mail printed and mailed to meet your deadlines.

Personalized Text and Beyond

Include the recipient’s name, use customized images, and much more to add a personal touch to your campaign.

Interactive Campaigns

QR codes and PURLs allow you to connect and track your printed piece with a personalized web page.

Direct Mail Panorama: Transparent Delivery and Advanced Tracking

With direct mail services, results are everything. Direct Mail Panorama enables marketers to track and analyze every step of the mailing process. Strengthen your direct mail strategy today.

Automated Data Processing

Achieve accurate, consistent mail processing in a secure, accelerated environment; including CASS, NCOA, Presort, and suppressions.

Streamlined Mail Management

Streamline and simplify the mail management process with a system that limits headaches and speeds up time to market.

Monthly Production Reports

Track postage, print, and mail production costs by piece and by campaign. Access invoices and gain greater control over your direct marketing budget.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Direct Mail Panorama’s features go beyond mail marketing to provide valuable tracking, reporting, and visibility across digital marketing and multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Call Center Support

With Direct Mail Panorama, call center employees can view the exact piece of mail each caller received, empowering them to make your direct mail services strategies even more effective.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

View, track, and share reporting on each piece of collateral in your automated marketing campaigns. Understand your customer’s journey at every touch point.

Inventory Reporting

Access inventory information on printed mail marketing pieces at the click of a button. Easily create, download, and share PDF files with your team.

Scalable Solutions

Securely store and access millions of mail records. Search with multiple criteria, retrieve results quickly, and download and share reports.

Template Editing and Approval

Securely edit and approve print collateral with custom marketing templates. Track changes with an audit trail and manage multi-level approvals when needed.

Detailed Delivery Insights

Find out exactly where and when your campaign was delivered with detailed mail-tracking services.

"MSP has flawlessly executed all of our direct mail campaigns. I have never experienced a campaign that did not have one major problem until I started working with MSP."

– A leading automotive publisher