Direct Mail Panorama

With Direct Mail Panorama, we’re pioneering new ways to streamline and manage high-volume direct mail campaigns. Experience the future of direct mail management.

The Future of Direct Mail Management

Managing direct mail programs is challenging and time consuming. With our Direct Mail Panorama program, you’ll have more control and a better understanding of your direct mail marketing campaigns than ever before. Streamline the direct mail process while gaining greater insight into your campaigns. A panoramic view of all your direct mail metrics allows you to improve upon each campaign with shorter cycle times and higher engagement rates.

Reduce Management Time

In an era of declining direct mail production experience, you can reduce your direct mail management time and relieve the workload for high-volume campaigns.

Improve Speed to Market

Reaching consumers before your competitors is like a race against the clock. You’ll save days on production and delivery, so your mail gets into your customers’ hands first.

Direct Mail Lookup

Direct Mail Lookup is a game-changing feature for your customer support staff as they field calls about your mailed offers. They can see exactly which piece of mail was delivered and when.

Searchable by multiple criteria

At any time, customer service can access a detailed production dashboard to find a digitized version of any letter based on a variety of search options.

Downloadable Reports

Track your cost per piece according to each campaign—including postage and print and mail production costs—with quick access to invoices.


As your mailing list grows, our software grows with you. Direct Mail Panorama is capable of housing tens of millions of records, with quick retrieval speeds.

Simplified Editing and Approvals

An automated proofing system detects changes, analyzes which templates it applies to, and pushes only relevant proofs directly to the user for fast approval and simpler direct mail management.


Official Workflows

Editing templates and managing approvals is simple and quick, reducing confusion and speeding up the editing and approval process.

Track Changes

Follow campaigns from production to delivery with software that increases transparency and accountability, including an audit trail to track all the changes.

manage multi-Level Approvals

An intelligent, automated proofing system is capable of managing multi-level approvals from various departments, like marketing and legal.

Detailed Reporting

With direct mail, results are everything. Direct Mail Panorama provides transparency into mail performance and enables marketers to track and analyze every step of the mailing process.


Access in-depth reports to analyze production, delivery, and engagement, while unlocking the insights that lead to improved campaigns and increased ROI.


Experience real-time access to postal delivery performance—at a macro level or down to an individual piece—with detailed insights to aid call-center staff.


Monitor your on-hand inventory and include a PDF of the item to share.

"MSP has flawlessly executed all of our Direct Mail Campaigns. I have never experienced a campaign that did not have one major problem until I started working with MSP."

– A leading automotive publisher