Direct mail will improve your strategy. That’s why you need direct mail marketing solutions that will help you reach your goals faster. In this roundup post from our direct mail and print marketing blog, we’ll look at 10 ways to make it happen for your brand. Follow these recommendations and you’ll be well on your way to your best results.


1. Make Your Customers Notice You


You’ve decided to create a direct mail campaign to improve your marketing strategy. But with so many different formats to pick from, you need to know more about your options. So we looked into a variety of choices and determined that oversized envelopes, postcards, and letters tend to get the best results. Plus, we found some real-world examples to back up the claims. Let’s see what will work best for your brand.


How the Most Effective Direct Mail Format Can Help Your Brand


2. Optimize Your Direct Mail Message


We may live in a world of emails, texts, and social media posts, but people still love finding something in their mailbox every day. Research shows that almost 95% of people open their mail. So it’s important to use direct mail solutions that optimize your message to get the results you want. In this post, you’ll learn how to organize your data to pick the best format for your audience. We’ll also tell you when to send your campaign and how to measure your results.


Direct Mail Optimization: 7 Tips for Your Best Direct Mail Letter


3. Use Color Psychology to Influence Your Audience


One of the most important direct mail solutions is the color of your direct mail piece. When you’re planning your next campaign, it’s important to know about color psychology and how your customers perceive color. Your marketing success could depend upon it. What’s the best color envelope for direct mail? Get to know your audience and you’ll find the answer. Of course, we’ll help you figure out what’s best.


What’s the Best Color Envelope for Direct Mail?


4. Personalization: Your Secret Weapon


Personalization matters—a lot—when it comes to your marketing strategy. Your customers don’t just prefer personalization, however, they demand it. It’s one of the most effective direct mail solutions for getting consumers to pay attention to you. With personalized marketing, you’re showing them that you value them as an individual rather than just another customer. We’ll examine variable data printing (VDP), geotargeting, and the all-important customer experience (CX).


How to Personalize Marketing for Your Direct Mail Campaigns


5. Include Something of Value for Free


One of the direct mail solutions is actually kind of a gimmick, but it works. Consider adding something of value to your direct mail campaign. Isn’t your offer valuable enough? Well, OK, but hear us out. Include something inside the envelope that will serve a purpose for your customers. Depending upon the product or service you sell, it could be a sample of your product, or something directly associated with it, like a coupon or discount. It could also be a promotional item, like a pen or notepad—something people use every day, something they’re not likely to toss out. Plus it provides a reminder about your brand when they see it. And hey, if it makes the mailer “lumpy,” all the better. You’ve piqued their interest. That almost guarantees they’ll open it to see what’s inside.


6 Little-Known Techniques for Direct Mail Advertising


6. Carefully Plan Your Delivery Dates


There are many steps involved when you want to improve your direct mail strategy. You have to plan, create, and test before you can send each campaign. Not to mention the after part where you analyze everything you just did to see if it worked. But one thing some marketers miss is the timing of your campaigns. Direct mail timing plays a big part in your success. But if you follow the guidelines in this in-depth post, you’ll notice an improvement in your response rates. Here are the best times to send your marketing campaigns.


Direct Mail Timing: When to Send Your Marketing Campaigns


7. Get There First


There are many famous quotes about being first (or early) and you’ve probably heard most of them at one point or another. So we’ll spare you the refresher course and just tell you that the principle applies to direct mail solutions because it has an effect on your results. So the more you know about getting your campaigns into mailboxes faster than your competitors, the more success your brand will enjoy. The process involves things postal optimization and a solid postal logistics strategy. If that sounds complicated, it kind of is—but it’s a daily occurrence for us so we can walk you through it. Check out this post for the methods you can use to accelerate your direct mail results.


6 Proven Methods for Accelerating Direct Mail Results


8. Send Your Direct Mail Campaigns at Least Seven Times


If you want to improve your marketing strategy, do the things that others aren’t doing. There’s one marketing maneuver in particular that many other businesses ignore: the number of your mailings. We’re not talking about the total number you print and send. Rather, we’re focused on how many times you send the same campaign. Did you know the average consumer needs to see your marketing message at least seven times before they act? It’s an age-old direct mail advertising philosophy and it’s one of the 10 direct mail marketing solutions (“secrets”) we covered in this post.


10 Secrets to Achieving Direct Mail Success


9. Use Omnichannel Marketing


There’s no debate when it comes to digital marketing vs. direct mail marketing. The clear winner is both! There are plenty of marketing channels for you to consider, and it’s becoming more and more important to use as many of them as possible. Not only that, but it’s essential that they work in unison to give your customers a seamless shopping experience. That’s omnichannel marketing and if you want to improve your marketing strategy, you’ll embrace it wholeheartedly. In this post, we get in-depth with the practice, look at different examples, and show you how to use this popular marketing methodology.


What is Omnichannel Marketing?


10. Find a Direct Mail Marketing Solutions Partner


If you’re going to “do” direct mail marketing solutions the right way, you need to enlist the services of an experienced, knowledgeable direct mail printing company. With the right direct mail partner by your side, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. We not only give you the advice and support you need to thrive in this marketing channel. We also give you the tools necessary to “one-up” your competitors. There are things to look for when choosing the best direct mail partner, so we put them into writing in this post.


Best Direct Mail Printing Companies: Here’s What Your Brand Should Look For

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