Direct mail marketing generates almost $10 billion per year for advertising companies in the U.S. Needless to say, if you’re not including direct mail as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach more customers and drive more sales. There is one caveat, however. Modern-day marketers know that for optimal direct mail results, you need assistance from an experienced direct mail marketing services provider. That’s why we created this quick step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you work with MSP.


Direct Mail Marketing Services: Step into Our Office(s)


direct mail marketing servicesThe first thing you’ll notice about our 160,000-square-foot production facility is that it’s packed with the latest equipment. We have a large collection of presses, including web offset, continuous inkjet, envelope, and digital color. With this lineup in-house, our team has the ability to produce millions of direct mail pieces every day. We offer full-color variable data printing on our Truepress Jet520ZZ presses. Meanwhile, inside our state-of-the-art letter shop, you’ll find high-speed inserters and bindery equipment to aptly manage your direct mail campaigns and get them into your customer’s mailboxes faster.


Also worth noting: our custom envelope press—the W+D 410 Easy Enveloper (aka 410EE)—increases our ability to provide more consistent color between your direct mail letter and your envelopes. It also helps to speed up the production process because we don’t outsource this task.


Our Western PA headquarters is not our only production facility, however. Approximately four hours away in Bloomsburg, PA, we have a second base of operations. Here, we can provide even more direct mail services for our clients. In fact, we recently added a continuous color digital inkjet press—the Truepress Jet520NX—to our arsenal at this facility. Having a second location like this also lends a sense of security for our team and our clients, in the unlikely event disaster recovery becomes necessary.


If you’d like to schedule a tour of either facility, just reach out to us and we can set up a time at your convenience. In the meantime, check out this video.

Our Direct Mail Marketing Services


When it comes to our direct mail marketing services, you can count on MSP to provide the best solutions for high-volume success. Whether you have 5,000 pieces or 10 million (or more), we’ll find the best strategy for each of your campaigns. Plus, we’ll work 24/7 to get your direct mailings printed and on their way to your customers. Our in-house printing and mailing centers enable us to control your campaigns and keep them on schedule and on a budget so you can get the direct mail results you deserve.


direct mail results

Direct Mail Postal Logistics


Our direct mail marketing services include an in-house mailing center. We employ talented staff who are experts in the latest postal regulations and logistics. That means your direct mail campaigns always get the attention they deserve. Our postal optimization techniques save you money by finding the best rates for your direct mail campaigns. We use data hygiene and list management procedures to save money and reduce waste. This allows our direct mail professionals to analyze your mail files so you receive the most efficient and cost-effective process to delivery. We can use one of the following methods:


  • Presorting. We’ll CASS certify each zip code with its +4, add an Intelligent Mail barcode, and then sort and bundle your mailing into trays. The less the USPS has to handle your mail, the more money (and time) you’ll save. This equals optimal direct mail results.
  • Consolidation. When you want to get your campaigns into mailboxes at specific times, consolidated mail lets you combine your mail with other businesses no matter how many pieces you’re shipping. This saves time and money.
  • Commingling. Like consolidation, commingling allows you to combine your mail with other businesses to create a discount. If you’re not set on an exact delivery date, commingling is a great option to cut your costs while still ensuring a quick delivery window.
  • Co-palletization. CoPAL is similar to commingling, but rather than combining your mail with other businesses into a tray, we combine trays of mail onto a large pallet. This puts your mail further into the USPS mail stream.


One of our direct mail experts can explain these methods further and recommend which one would be best for your next campaign. Contact an MSP representative to talk about your brand’s direct mail marketing services options.


Variable Data Printing to the Rescue: A Lesson in Personalization


variable data printingDirect mail marketing services provide the ability to deliver consistent, repeatable campaigns via automation. By using direct mail software that includes a marketing automation system, you can send your customized direct mailings as easily as your email campaigns. Variable data printing (VDP) allows you to change one or more elements of a direct mail piece without slowing down the printing process to make it happen. Whether it’s text, color, graphics, and/or images, you can make the necessary adjustments from one mail piece to the next—thus personalizing each one for each recipient. You have the option to print hundreds, thousands, or even millions of targeted direct mail pieces in a single run.


Almost all retailers say that personalization affects sales and their customers agree. About 90% of consumers claim that personalized marketing increases the odds that they’ll make a purchase. You can treat your customers to personalization methods like:


  • Personalized URL. A pURL provides every recipient with their own traceable website address link.
  • Localization. You can include a map with directions to the nearest brick-and-mortar location address.
  • Customer action. When a customer does something, like make a purchase, you can trigger a direct mail response, like a thank-you note.


These are just a few of the many ways variable data printing and personalization work to help your brand appeal to your customers. And happy customers lead to direct mail results.


Direct Mail Panorama: Your Key to Transparent Delivery and Tracking


Direct Mail Panorama is MSP’s revolutionary direct mail software system. It gives your brand more control and a better understanding of your direct mail marketing campaigns. With Direct Mail Panorama, you’ll streamline the direct mail process while achieving greater insight into your campaigns. It provides a panoramic view, if you will, of all your direct mail metrics. This allows you to improve upon each campaign with shorter cycle times and higher engagement rates to achieve the direct mail results you’re looking for.

Direct Mail Marketing Services: Automation Saves the Day


As you’re preparing a campaign, Direct Mail Panorama provides an automated proofing system that:


  • Detects changes.
  • Analyzes the templates that the changes apply to.
  • Pushes only those relevant proofs directly to designated stakeholders for faster approval and simpler direct mail management.


Official workflows make editing templates and managing approvals simple and quick. This reduces confusion and speeds up the editing and approval process. You can then follow your campaigns from production to delivery because the software increases both transparency and accountability. This includes an audit trail to track all the changes. Finally, an intelligent, automated proofing system manages the approvals you designate—only from the “interested” departments.


Of course, after your direct mail campaign has shipped, you need to look at the results. If you don’t know how each campaign performed, you won’t know what to do with future mailings. That’s one of the primary reasons MSP created Direct Mail Panorama, so smart marketers can:


  1. Track and analyze every step of the mailing process.
  2. Gain more control and have a better understanding of their direct mail campaigns.


You’ll have complete transparency into your direct mail marketing campaign’s performance by tracking and analyzing each step of the mailing process from production to delivery to engagement. Other direct mail companies may offer some form of tracking and reporting, but Direct Mail Panorama offers the ultimate solution.


Never Underestimate the Importance of Customer Service


direct mail marketing servicesLast, but not least, direct mail marketing services must offer exceptional customer service habits. MSP offers a devoted (and enthusiastic) support team with over 65 years of direct mail experience. We produce the highest quality print collateral, but our commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction also stands out. Never underestimate the value of a devoted customer service staff that treats your brand like their most important customer. It’s how great businesses set themselves apart from their competitors.


MSP’s Direct Mail Marketing Services


MSP’s direct mail marketing services feature all of the aforementioned qualities. We offer a unique blend of experience and innovation so you can get the results you’re looking for. Our “one-stop-shop” is one of the most respected, privately-owned direct mail marketing services facilities in the country. To learn more about how our knowledge and capabilities can bring your direct mail ideas to life, contact an MSP representative today.

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