Cross-Media Marketing

Enhance your traditional direct mail marketing techniques with a digital strategy. Incorporate email campaigns, QR codes, personalized websites, and more into a complete cross-media marketing approach.

Direct Mail That Bridges the Digital Divide

Direct mail doesn’t have to work on its own anymore. To get the most out of your next marketing campaign, add a digital component to enhance your direct mail efforts. An integrated approach can be especially effective when you keep your brand’s image, tone, and customer experience consistent.

Drive Digital Engagement

Use direct mail to increase digital engagement, like website visits, social media followings, app users, or e-commerce sales.

Increase Direct Mail Impact

Excite and impress your audience by adding unique digital elements to your direct mail pieces.

cross media marketing

Create a Seamless Customer Experience

There are many different ways people can communicate with your business, whether it is via desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or visiting your retail location. We’ll help you give your customers a consistent and complimentary experience across all your channels.

Uphold Brand Compliance

You’ll develop consistency across all your marketing channels. Then you’ll be sure your brand is properly represented everywhere.

Increase Brand Awareness

More touchpoints equals more attention to your brand. Each channel will help increase awareness and turn a prospect into a customer.

PURL Marketing

A personalized URL (PURL) provides your customers with their own landing page to interact with your campaign. Meanwhile, you can keep better track of their activity and learn from their actions.

A Personalized Marketing Experience

Each customer receives a unique, personalized landing page that’s designed specifically for them.

Track Redemption and Engagement

Because each customer has their own unique PURL, their behavior is uniquely tracked and analyzed.

Increase Web Traffic

PURLs are more effective for generating online traffic than using direct mail marketing materials alone.

Integrate With Automated Campaigns

Drive your audience to their PURL with an email drip campaign or easily add it to any automation workflow.

Grow Social Media Followings

Embed some of your latest social media content into the PURL page and watch your social following grow.

Learn What Drives Your Audience

Collect valuable information from your prospects, then use it to make future campaigns even more relevant.

Cross-Media Marketing With MSP

MSP can help you get the most out of your next marketing campaign with a multi-channel approach that drives better results and provides a quality experience for your customers.

Efficient Campaign Management

Create and execute profitable campaigns that automate tasks and align your business goals with integrated tools.

Easy Integration

Leverage your sales and marketing data with CRM and API integrations for a seamless experience and easier campaign management.

Robust Tracking and Reporting

MSP provides detailed response metrics that can be monitored, tracked, and analyzed. The more you know, the faster you’ll grow!

"MSP has flawlessly executed all of our Direct Mail Campaigns. I have never experienced a campaign that did not have one major problem until I started working with MSP."

– A leading automotive publisher